Someone filling up a metal water bottle with tap water.

Salt Free Water Softener

Did you know that minerals can build up in tap water, creating residue on your pipes? With a salt free water softener you can avoid this.


A woman cleaning her cell phone

How To Clean Your Phone

Knowing how to clean your phone properly is important. Phones get dirty pretty easily, so giving them a thorough cleaning every now and then is a good idea.


A photo of a black smart phone device with a blank screen

How To Dispose of Electronics

The disposal of e-waste is a rapidly growing problem worldwide. Let's take a look at how to properly dispose of electronics.


A staff member cleaning counters in a restaurant

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant cleaning is essential to running a smooth business. From food safety to general aesthetics, you want to keep everything clean and safe.


Woman pruning branches of a tree

How To Get Rid of Tree Beetles

Tree beetles can do quite a lot of damage to trees. Here's how to prevent infestations and how to get rid of tree beetles.