How to Ward off Mosquitoes at Your Next Outdoor Event

A Look at the Best Mosquito Control Products

Every year, millions of people contract infectious diseases from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes feed on the blood of animals and humans, and when it bites, it injects saliva into the blood of its prey. If the mosquito is a carrier of an infectious disease such as West Nile virus, yellow fever or malaria, the victim can easily become exposed to the disease.

The most effective method of protection against mosquito-borne diseases is mosquito pest control. In order to reduce the mosquito population and protect families from mosquito bites, mosquito control in the form of mosquito netting, mosquito control traps and mosquito repellent is essential. There are also organic pest control solutions available for handling mosquitoes, like citronella or basil. Although each mosquito control agent comes with its own benefits and considerations, the following forms of mosquito pest control have been shown to be the most effective.

Mosquito Netting

A safe, environmentally friendly form of mosquito control is mosquito netting. Used all over the world, mosquito nets provide an inexpensive, effective solution to the dangers posed by mosquitoes; they protect humans within the netting. The netting prevents mosquitoes from making direct contact with the humans inside, saving people from experiencing the itchy, painful bites. This form of mosquito control is commonly embraced by eco-friendly people who worry about the adverse effects of insecticides.

Mosquito Repellent

An additional form of mosquito control, mosquito repellent is an effective weapon in combating mosquitoes. The repellent must be applied directly to a person’s skin and clothing to be effective. Mosquitoes have an aversion to the chemical ingredients found in most commercial repellents. Thus, they generally do not bite or hover around a person wearing mosquito repellent.

Mosquito Control Traps

Devices that trap and kill large numbers of mosquitoes can be very beneficial, especially if they live in a location known to be a mosquito breeding habitat (e.g., wooded areas near a lake, etc.). These devices are known as mosquito control traps. A mosquito control trap can be used to effectively reduce mosquito populations and prevent future breeding.

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