Window Cleaning Products and Tools for a Job Well Done

Attain Spotless Windows

When it comes to window cleaner brands, are all products made equal, or are some better than others as they claim? While most of the major window cleaner brands have a similar chemical makeup, the specific formulations of certain products create differing results. Some window cleaner brands are excellent at providing a streak-free shine on lightly soiled windows, while others are adept at removing caked-on grime and film from extremely soiled windows. The best window cleaner for you depends on the job you need it to do.

Window Cleaning Products

Like bathroom cleaners, window cleaning products are pretty easy to find and available everywhere from big box stores to grocery stores. If you prefer to make your own glass cleaners, you'll find that vinegar mixed with equal parts of water does a fine job of cleaning windows, too. You can either put homemade window cleaners in a spray bottle for easy use or mix the window cleaning solution in a nonreactive pan and use a sponge or cloth to wash the grime and dust off the windows.

Window Washing Tools

Squeegees make it easy to dry windows once you've washed them. These window washing tools have rubber blades mounted on handles. You place the rubber blade against the wet glass, apply a little pressure and pull it down over the glass. It will whisk the water away without leaving streaks. It helps to have an absorbent towel on hand to dry any water the squeegee leaves behind.

You don't need to have a squeegee to dry your windows. You probably don't want to use the squeegee indoors because the water will drip down onto your window sills and make a mess. You can simply use absorbent towels inside.

Many people like to keep their window cleaning supplies in one particular place in the home, making them easily accessible. People often store their cleaning products and accessories in a plastic tub or pail to make preparation less time-consuming.

A Comparison of Window Cleaner Brands

Here's a closer look at some of the best window-cleaning products on the market:

  • Windex: One of the most instantly recognizable brand names in the world of glass cleaners, Windex is very versatile and provides excellent general-purpose cleaning power for an affordable price. While it is very good at removing indoor grime from windows and is among the best at providing a streak-free finish, it's not the best choice for heavily soiled windows as its formulation is relatively gentle and intended for everyday use.
  • Sprayaway: While Sprayaway offers general-use products that are akin to those offered by Windex, the company also makes specially formulated glass cleaners that tackle heavier-duty messes. For tougher messes, especially on outdoor windows, Sprayaway 50 glass cleaner makes an economical and effective choice.
  • Glass Wizard: The Glass Wizard Glass Surface Cleaner package is meant for messes that everyday, general-purpose glass cleaners simply aren't designed to handle. Combining padded fabric pads and application tools with detergent-strength cleansers, the Glass Wizard cleaning system is well worth the money if you have a tough job on your hands.
  • Formula 409: If you're on a budget, Formula 409 can save you some money while providing cleaning power that's comparable to that offered by Sprayaway and Windex. However, in many reviews, Formula 409 doesn't score as highly as Windex for leaving a streak-free shine; you can minimize this effect by wiping it off promptly after applying it to a window or mirror.

Recommended Window Cleaner Brands

  • Best indoor window cleaner: Windex No Drip and Weiman.
  • Best outdoor window cleaner: Sprayaway 50 glass cleaner.
  • Best cleaner for heavily soiled windows: Glass Wizard glass surface cleaner.
  • Best budget window cleaner: Formula 409.
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