3 Reasons You Should Switch to Reusable Paper Towel

Reusable Paper Towels: A Greener Way to Absorb Messes

Paper towels are popular because they are convenient. Since their creation in the modern world, their convenience of used has promoted new forms of production. Paper towel constituents have changed and with new technological advancements, the effectiveness of this product has continued to improve.

Now, reusable paper towels are dominating the market, supporting care for the planet. This product has primarily been developed for domestic use but is also utilized throughout a variety of industries, adding to their versatility.

What Are Reusable Paper Towels?

Reusable paper towels consist of durable microfibers that are sourced from various places. As the word “reusable” suggests, they can ensure repetitive use before disintegrating. Hard-wearing microfibers mean that these towels are similar to cotton cloths for home use or use in work environments. Because of a looser weave and finer composition, recyclable paper towels do not last as long as clothes made from cotton or nylon mixtures.

Recyclable paper towels are commonly used in homes as substitutes for kitchen cloths. They are also used to wipe up spills around the home or in baby nurseries. Easy to use on the go, these reusable clothes are less bulky to transport in purses than cotton cloths. They are also characterized by their quick-drying capability, making them convenient to use and store wherever you go.

Sanitize them in the microwave or wash them by hand or in a washing machine and get more use out of them. Reusable paper towels are so convenient that people carry them wherever they go, to the office, in cars or while catching the bus, just in case they need to wipe something quickly.

How Do They Differ From Regular Paper Towels?

Normal paper towels are made from trees. Current manufacturing processes produce paper towels that quickly degrade. This means that they are typically useful for once-off use, which is costly in terms of money and the environment.

Normal paper towels are delicate and bulky because of the way they are produced. Natural wood fibers and production processes result in a product that is difficult to easily transport while on the go.

Paper towels are also messy to dispose of when you are nowhere near a rubbish bin because of their absorbent qualities. While they rapidly absorb moisture and other mess, the moisture tends to stay in the towel but can also disperse everywhere else.

In contrast, reusable paper towels absorb and retain moisture better due to two factors: composition and manufacturing process. Their composition of natural material is superior to paper towels and they go through a different manufacturing process. The ultimate result is a technologically superior product.

Pros of Reusable Paper Towels

Several pros exist for the use of these products. Being recyclable and lightweight are two of the sought-after benefits of this product. Used towels can quickly be washed and stored for reuse as needed. One of the best pros is that they are friendly to the environment because they are biodegradable, effectively reducing pollution.

Reusable paper towels are usually highly absorbent and retain spills once wiped up rather than having liquid escaping from the microfibers. This means that they are convenient to use and dry rapidly. Also, they are easy to wash, sanitize and reuse for easy storage in small places.

Typically, reusable paper towels are made from bamboo, which is a fast-growing plant. Using bamboo to make reusable paper towels is an efficient method that helps to reduce damage to the environment.

Cons of Reusable Paper Towels

Unfortunately, some are also made with tree products. Trees are vital to the survival of the planet and for human and animal welfare, which is a big disadvantage.

Common paper towels are absorbent but tend not to retain liquids effectively. This makes them messy to use and impossible to store when not at home or at the office. Because they lack durability, they can also only be used once. Paper towels cannot be washed for reuse, making this product an expensive purchase.

Best Reusable Paper Towels on the Market

Choosing the best products on the market is tough unless you know what to look for. Here are three of the most popular products available.


Bamboo towels are recyclable and consist of several appealing features. One roll consists of 20 sheets of reusable bamboo paper towels that are lint-free. Additionally, these towels can be used repeatedly before they need to be discarded.

In fact, one sheet can be used approximately 120 times before you need to throw it away. One of these bamboo rolls is equal to 60 normal rolls of paper towels, which makes them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo towels are soft on the skin, can be used to clean homes, cars, while camping, in the office and everywhere that you need to wipe something up quickly.


Caboo is another excellent product that is designed to protect the environment. Caboo is produced from a combination of sugarcane and bamboo fibers. Sustainable farming and production go into the development of this product, which is highly absorbent.

Similar to bamboo reusable paper towels, Caboo is biodegradable and durable. Other characteristics encompass being hypoallergenic, meaning they are safe to use on delicate infants or sensitive adult skin.

Caboo is also devoid of nasty chemicals such as BPA, parabens and chlorine. Moreover, this product is GMO certified, making it an extremely healthy alternative to paper use for humans. Two-ply sheets, four separate certifications from the FDA and other factors make this a really superior product.


Wowables reusable paper towels are biodegradable. Instead of using over 13,000 paper towels, you will only need 30 sheets of Wowables. Both dishwasher safe and machine washable, these towels are available in a variety of attractive colors and are extremely absorbent.

Effectively, they are also much cheaper because they will save a typical family up to $500 when used over a lifetime in place of paper towels. You can save even more money by using Wowables in place of dry sweepers because they are that strong. This product can also be used in a typical paper towel holder and works best when moist. While regular paper towels are convenient, reusable paper towels are better for the environment. Learn more about them here.

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