5 of the Best Dryer Sheet Brands for Every Need

What Are the Best Dryer Sheets?

Investing in household items can be challenging, especially when there are so many different versions of a single product. While you might prefer the brand your parents use, it might be difficult to get a hold of, or you might need to compromise to suit your significant other. For example, drier sheets. What are the best dryer sheets?

Whatever category you find yourself in, you are hoping to find insight into the best dryer sheets. When choosing dryer sheets, you need to consider your personal needs and how the dryer sheets can help you. Here are some of the best dryer sheets on the market.

What Are Dryer Sheets?

Laundry is a tough challenge in and of itself, and when the clothes stick to each other or feel hard, it can be frustrating. Dryer sheets aim to remedy this problem. When fabric softener was invented, it was difficult to use.

It could not be added to the washer at the start of the load since softener was cationic and washing detergent was anionic. This resulted in them counteracting one another and neither was very effective.

Later, scientists solved this problem by figuring out they could spread softener onto a thin piece of cloth. When this cloth was added to the dryer, the heat and moisture worked to release the softener onto the clothes, thus the dryer sheet was invented.

How to Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets contain a thin layer of fabric softener that is electronically charged. When you run your clothes through the dryer, you should put a dryer sheet in with them. The moisture and heat release the charged particles on the dryer sheet. These charged chemicals then seek out their attractive charges on the clothes.

Once the dryer cycle is complete, your clothes are softer and fluffier because of the chemical reaction to the softener on the dryer sheet. The electrostatic shock has been neutralized, resulting in you being able to touch the clothes without being shocked. The softener in dryer sheets also works to neutralize odor, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dryer Sheets?

Finding out how dryer sheets work might give you insight into why people use dryer sheets. Dryer sheets reduce the static electricity that clothes often pick up, leaving your favorite sweater less likely to shock you. They also make your clothes softer and fluffier, removing the effects that fabric detergent has on the fabric.

Finally, dryer sheets eliminate and neutralize strong odors that may remain even after a wash, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Dryer sheets also have a purpose beyond the dryer. Many people use them for dusting, pest control and to freshen up drawers and luggage. However, you need to be aware that the fabric softener on a dryer sheet can leave a residue in your dryer. It is important to clean your dryer regularly to avoid clogging the lint filter, which can reduce the dryer’s lifespan.

What Are the Best Dryer Sheet Brands?

With dryer sheets being quite popular, there are many different brands. In general, their dryer sheets all do the same things, but some have different smells and others may be more effective. Let’s take a look.

Best on the Market: Bounce

Users of Bounce dryer sheets agree that they are some of the best on the market. Not only do the dryer sheets have a pleasant smell, but they also act as a fabric softener as well, so you do not need to buy a separate fabric softener for the washer. Bounce dryer sheets also reduce wrinkles in clothes, making it the perfect dryer sheet for people who do not enjoy ironing.

Best for the Budget: Gain and Breezo

For good quality dryer sheets at a low price, Gain is famous for its unique smell. Gain’s unique scent has seen these dryer sheets being used to wipe car interiors to try improving the smell. However, Gain also helps reduce static in clothes while reducing wrinkles.

You should also look at Breezo. Breezo dryer sheets have been reported to have an overwhelming scent which is most suited to clothing with stubborn odors. While they do not win in the categories of softness or best scent, they are versatile and cheap. Breezo has also recommended using their dryer sheets inside shoes to reduce odor.

Best for Deterring Damage: Downy

Downy seems to have solved the problem when it comes to dryers damaging clothes. People who use the dryer frequently may notice their woolen or fleece clothing getting damaged. Downy dryer sheets add softness and fluffiness back to clothes. However, it is advised that you use these dryer sheets in conjunction with a fabric softener for the best results.

Best Quality: Snuggle

Voted Product of the Year in 2017, Snuggle offers a high quality dryer sheet at a low cost. Using it in conjunction with Snuggle fabric softener, this dryer sheet aims to eliminate odors while adding softness back to fabrics. It is available in two scents and it is ideal for families with lots of laundry.

Best for the Environment: Seventh Generation and Beyond

Seventh Generation offers free and clear dryer sheets. Seventh Generation is 97% plant based, making it free of harmful chemicals that irritate skin and damage fabrics. While most organic products tend to be expensive, Seventh Generation is available at a low cost, giving you access to the best for less.

Another plant based brand is Beyond. Beyond’s natural dryer sheets are 100% plant based and compostable, reducing the impact they have on the environment. They are also scented by essential oils rather than chemical agents, making them safe for all skin types.

Best Scentless Sheets: Home Victory Free and Clear

If laundry product scents do not suit your nose, consider Home Victory Free and Clear. These budget ones are scent free, removing some of the chemicals that can cause skin irritations. While this product is comparable to Bounce, it is important to remember that your clothes will not be as soft. However, the price is incomparable.

In Conclusion

This product is a must for any laundry routine. Not only do they soften your clothes, but they also remove the static charge and can reduce odors. While some dryer sheets still work in tandem with a softener, they tend to save you time and money when they replace the softener.

If you are environmentally conscious, you can rest assured that there are dryer sheets that are fully compostable and free from chemicals. There really is a dryer sheet for every need.

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