There are More Options Than You Think When It Comes to Brooms

More Than Just Your Average Broom and Dustpan

Brooms have been in use for centuries, and the broom and dustpan is an integral part of households around the world. Keeping things neat and tidy both inside and outside your home requires that you use the right broom for the job, though. With that in mind, you should consider the various types of brooms, and the materials from which they are made, it order to select a broom that's up to the task you have in mind.

Types of Brooms: An Overview

In the broadest terms, brooms can be divided into two categories: those designed for indoor use, and outdoor brooms. Simple upright brooms are commonly used for indoor applications, while sturdier push brooms tackle heavier outdoor messes.

Here are some specific types you might find in a broom closet, shed or garage:

  • Corn broom. The defining feature of a corn broom is a bristle configuration that's roughly in the shape of a triangle, which stems down from an upright handle.
  • Whisk broom. A whisk broom is like a miniature corn broom, which is designed for use with one hand and is perfect for fitting into tight corners and small spaces.
  • Push broom. Rather than triangular bristle configurations, push brooms have horizontal bristles which are arranged in multiple rows of tight bundles.
  • Electric brooms. Nowadays, you also get electric brooms, which feature moving bristles and can be recharged for later use.

Broom Bristle Materials

The bristles of most outdoor brooms come from stems of the broomcorn plant. These bristles are bundled tightly together and held in place with wires, or bunched through small a hole in a wooden, plastic or metal frame. Because broomcorn bristles are fairly harsh, they are not normally used on indoor floor surfaces. Instead, indoor broom bristles are made from softer synthetic materials.

For light-duty applications, such as sweeping away dust, a simple corn broom will work just fine. However, if you have a bigger mess to take care of an need extra cleaning power, a push broom that lays low to the ground will be a better option. These push brooms typically have denser bristles which are bundled more tightly together, making them more adept at sweeping away dirt, dust and debris.

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