8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to support and show allegiance to the cause of conserving and protecting the environment. Earth Day is celebrated annually on the April 22 through several environmental protection activities and raising awareness about global warming and excessive waste issues. So, how can you make a difference? Continue reading to learn about how to celebrate Earth Day.

Nature is severely impacted due to human activities, and it is already a bit late to control the damage. Even a 1-degree rise in global temperature is set to cause unprecedented damage, so we need to act immediately. Earth Day is a day to commemorate and remind ourselves of our responsibilities towards the environment. Here are some of the different ways we celebrate Earth Day.

1. Tree Planting

One of the most common ways of celebrating this event is by planting trees. Many institutions, humanitarian groups and individuals set aside time to plant trees on this day. They either buy seeds that they plant or seedlings that they put into the soil and water.

Most of these institutions set goals where they plant a considerable number of seedlings and take care of them consistently until they mature. Once matured, they do not need constant care and can be left to grow freely on their own with the occasional pruning. Planting trees helps bring rain and cleaner air. We must put effort into planting trees to better the environment.

2. Clean Rivers

This is a project that most states take part in on Earth Day. Many of our rivers have been destroyed by plastic waste and the release of toxic chemicals from rivers. This destroys the aquatic life and causes an imbalance in the ecosystem. We also consume water from the river, and if it is not well-treated it can cause serious health problems.

On Earth Day, you can organize a group to clean rivers or streams near you. You can go on boats with nets and collect as much plastic as possible from the water source and dispose of them properly. Cleaning water sources improves the general aesthetic of the area and allows marine life to thrive there.

3. Launch Recycle Stations

Plastic waste is a huge pollutant of the environment. It does not just affect the environment, but it also affects the animals living around dump yards. Many animals are killed by plastic waste, either from consumption or strangulations. Recycling is a great way to control environmental pollution using plastic waste.

Aquatic species are the ones most affected by these plastics. To control the effects of plastic waste on the environment, you can build recycle stations preceding Earth Day. Then, on Earth Day, you can officially launch and open the station where people can go to dispose of their recycled waste.

4. Organize a Walk

Walks are quite common when it comes to celebrating Earth Day. You can organize a peaceful walk in honor of Earth Day. Walks are a great way to create awareness and sensitize people on the importance of taking care of the environment. For the walk, you can make banners, t-shirts and wristbands with a message about protecting the environment.

You can sell the t-shirts and wristbands at an affordable price and send the proceeds to organizations and foundations that deal with protecting the environment. Whoever attends the walk can carry the banners with a message on Earth Day and continue creating awareness about protecting the environment.

5. Watch Documentaries on Climate Change

There are several documentaries on the impact of climate change and environmental pollution. Streaming sites, such as Netflix, have so many documentaries on environmental pollution. Documentaries, like “Seaspiracy,” “There's Something in the Water,” “Mission Blue” and “Virunga” are all good films to watch. These are quite vivid and address the issue with the seriousness it deserves. “Seaspiracy,” a two-hour film, has managed to convince a large percentage of people to go vegan. This is the power these TV shows have.

You and your family or even your friends can sit down to watch these amazing documentaries and educate yourselves in commemoration of Earth Day. You can also organize a viewing session instead. Get a good projector and an open space and invite several people to come and watch documentaries. That way, the message reaches more people.

6. Put Bins Around Your Area

You can organize with your local community to make contributions and channel them towards placing dustbins in strategic places in your area. Installing dustbins is a great way to commemorate Earth Day. It directly addresses the problem at hand, which is environmental pollution.

Also, placing them strategically in areas where there is rampant littering will help deal with the issue. The project will not require a lot of money compared to most environmental projects. The money can be collected quickly, and the project can be put in action mode in no time. Institutions like schools, corporate organizations, hospitals and churches can actively participate in the project.

7. Do an Environmental-Conservation Activity

On Earth Day, you can participate in activities that are generally linked to conserving the environment. They may seem small and insignificant but still show allegiance to the cause of protecting the earth. On Earth Day, instead of using your car to run errands, ride a bicycle instead.

You will contribute to reducing carbon emissions on Earth for that day. You can also decide to go vegetarian for the day. This can show solidarity and serve as an inspiration for others.

8. Do a Community Cleanup

You can organize to do a cleanup of the area where you stay. Doing a general cleanup of the neighborhood or the office complex is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day. You can collect plastics, nylon papers and all non-biodegradable materials.

You can do some sweeping here and there to ensure the area is left clean. The community cleanup will leave the area clean and leave you with a sense of achievement.

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