What Products to Use to Unclog Your Drain

Before You Snake, Try These Cleaners

Most clogged drains are caused by buildups of substances which have been forced into the drain but cannot pass through it completely. In bathroom sinks, hair is one of the leading causes of drain stoppages; in the kitchen, food residue can collect in drainpipes and lead to backups. In most cases, using a specially formulated drain cleaner will eliminate stoppages by breaking down the substance causing the clog, but there are many drain cleaner brands on the market and you may be wondering which one is best for specific applications.

A Comparison of the Best Drain Cleaning Brands

Here is an overview of the features and characteristics of the best drain cleaners, based on sales volume and popularity:

  • Drano. One of the best drain cleaners on the market, Drano offers a variety of formulations for specific jobs. Drano Max Gel works on standing water and tough clogs, while the Dual Force Foamer is best used in situations where water is draining slowly but the sink is not yet fully backed up. The Kitchen Crystals and Prevention products are indicated for use on food-based sink backups and preventive maintenance, respectively.
  • Liquid-Plumr. Liquid-Plumr clog removers are formulated for use in showers, bathroom sinks, toilets and industrial sinks. Offering powerful, effective and fast-acting cleaning action, Liquid-Plumr solutions are ideal for tough clogs, slow-running drains, standing water clogs and cleaning soiled pipe walls.
  • Rid-X. The claim to fame of Rid-X is its Septic System Treatment product. Using a combination of chemicals and natural-acting bacteria and enzymes, the Rid-X Septic System Treatment both unclogs drains and prevents future backups through continual action.
  • Plumb Clean. This environmentally friendly alternative is best used as a preventive measure rather than an emergency cleaner for stopped-up drains. Using natural enzymes, Plumb Clean products help manage residues built up in drains, clearing them away through sustained action. If you have a stopped drain, using this product regularly once you remove the clog can prevent future problems.

Recommended Drain Cleaner Brands

  • Best bathroom drain cleaner: Liquid-Plumr clog remover
  • Best toilet drain cleaner: Rid-X Septic System Treatment
  • Best kitchen drain cleaner: Drano Kitchen Crystals
  • Best heavy-duty drain cleaner: Liquid-Plumr Power Gel
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