Don’t Overlook the Importance of a Good Laundry Basket

A Helpful Accessory to Have Around the House

Laundry baskets are one of those essential home accessories it's easy to take for granted. They're a part of just about every household, yet few people realize how versatile and useful they can be for transporting not only clothing and linen around the house, but also for quick and easy storage of laundry detergents and other cleaning products. There are also several convenient laundry basket designs and accessories you can use to make laundry day quicker and easier.

Laundry Basket Types

The basic types of laundry baskets you can get include:

  • Wicker laundry baskets. These attractive baskets are made of tightly clustered strands of fiber, typically drawn from plants (though synthetic alternatives are also available). Wicker baskets are durable yet light, and you can also get wicker hampers if you want to match your laundry accessories.
  • Woven laundry baskets. Woven baskets are similar to wicker basket, except that the individual strands tend to be thicker and diagonally crisscrossed rather than arranged in vertical rows. Woven baskets tend to be heavier than their wicker counterparts, but also provide better durability.
  • Plastic laundry baskets. The simplest and most economical laundry baskets are made of plastic, with handles at either end for easy gripping. They are lightweight, durable and very affordable, and they're available in a complete range of colors if you'd like to mix and match.

Helpful Accessories and Unique Designs

In addition to these basic types, there are other designs that are ideal for certain applications. Rolling laundry baskets are mounted on wheels and stand upright, and they're perfect for households that generate a lot of laundry. They eliminate the need to lug individual baskets up and down stairs and are especially useful if your laundry room is on the same floor as your bedrooms.

To protect the interior of the basket, you can also get laundry basket liners. These are perfect if you've invested a little money in a nicer basket and don't want the inside getting frayed or soiled. Laundry basket liners also prevent clothing from getting snagged on the loose or hanging edges of wicker or woven baskets, and can easily be removed for cleaning, then replaced.

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