Should You Use a Trash Compactor In Your Home or Workplace?

A Convenient Solution

It's no secret that landfills are filling up at alarming rates, and while waste recycling may account for a significant percentage of your trash, there will always be items that end up in the garbage. Whether you deal with trash at home, at work, or both, a trash compactor may offer you a convenient solution.

Home Trash Compactors

Does it seem like you're always emptying trash cans and buying trash bags? Are you tired of taking out the trash nearly every day? Do you want to free up space in your kitchen and make garbage disposal a weekly chore rather than a daily one? If these are issues you deal with, you may want to consider bringing a trash compactor into your home.

Kitchen trash compactors are good for both small and large kitchens. A free-standing compactor is an option if you have extra counter space, while an under-the-counter model might work better if you're trying to keep space free. Unlike the free-standing model, under-the-counter compactors do not have a finished top. Convertible compactors are also available if you want both options. Make sure to measure your available space accurately so you choose a product that works in your home.

Trash Compactor Brands and Selection Tips

There are several brands of garbage compactors on the market. Broan trash compactors are more affordable than GE and Whirlpool models, but are generally reliable and comparable to the more expensive brands. A Whirlpool trash compactor is one of the best on the market, and these models start at around $500. No matter which brand you choose, you'll want to look for a model that has an anti-jam feature, built-in air freshener, noise insulation, 1.4 cubic foot capacity, toe bar drawer opener, rear rollers and a removable key knob to prevent accidental use.

Commercial Trash Compactors

Commercial trash compactors are designed to handle much higher volumes of trash and can make a huge difference in your business' trash situation. As these machines are quite expensive, you may want to consider renting or leasing a commercial trash compactor rather than purchasing your own. Another advantage of doing this is that the leasing or rental company will also look after waste collection for you, coming at a specified time each week to remove collected trash.

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