How to Buy a Snow Blower That Can Take on Anything Winter Throws at You

Take That, Winter

Depending on which part of the country you call home, you might put your pressure washer away just in time to grab your snow shovel. Snow removal is a cold, time-consuming and laborious job when the only tool you have is a shovel. To make winters a bit easier and to get you out of the driveway a bit faster, you may want to consider purchasing a snow blower, especially if you live in a region that regularly sees heavy snowfall during the colder months.

Snow blowers (also called snow throwers) have changed a great deal since they were first introduced to the market. With more efficient and self-propelled designs that feature better handling and a wider range of machine sizes, there is a snow blower out there that meets the needs of any climate.

Snow Blower Options

Knowing the demands of your climate will help you choose the right snow removal apparatus. If you skate through winter with only a dusting of snow, a shovel or power shovel may suffice. Moderate snowfall on flat surfaces can be dealt with using a single-stage snow cleaning tool, though you should be aware that these machines are not good for gravel paths. If you battle heavy and dense snowfall, you will want a snow blower with power-driven wheels and an adjustable chute. An Ariens snow blower offers durability and traction control, helping you battle heavy snowfall with greater ease and control.

You'll want to think about your own strength and balance when looking at these larger, more powerful snow blowers. All that horsepower is not going to save you time and effort if you have to struggle to maneuver the machine. If maneuverability is important to you, consider a Honda snow blower, as the two-stage models feature hydrostatic transmissions that allow you to control your speed easily. Also consider the size of your driveway and walkways when choosing a snow blower, as manufacturers produce models of varying widths.

Electric Snow Blower

Another detail to consider when doing your snow blower comparison research is the environment. Electric snow blowers are low-maintenance, easy to handle and require less storage space. If being eco-friendly is a priority and you don't normally have to deal with massive snowfall, an electric Toro snow blower might be just the thing you need to make snow removal fast and easy.

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