Hiring Home Cleaning Services for Seniors

One Less Thing to Worry About

Seniors may require some assistance with their house cleaning. As you age, chores can become overwhelming. Moving around the home to keep everything clean can also pose more risks as we get older. There are companies that offer home cleaning services for seniors, which helps provide comfort and peace of mind.

There are many parts of the home that need extra attention from time to time. The ceilings, floors, walls and baseboards are sometimes left out of your regular cleaning routine, but a home cleaning service will ensure all the parts of the home get clean.

Different Options

Some tasks may be easier than others. Seniors may not need assistance with everything. Home cleaning service companies can offer as many or as few services as you need. There are two main options when it comes to hiring a home cleaning service. Do you want a one-time service, or do you want recurring services?

If you choose to do a one-time service, this will typically consist of one major, deep cleaning. Different companies offer different services and perform different tasks, so make a list of the main areas you would like to see targeted. If your home stays fairly clean, but once or twice a year you want someone to come in and get all of the difficult cleaning work, you can choose this option.

Recurring cleaning services are a great option for seniors. Someone will come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to clean. You can set up a schedule to have your home cleaned on the same day every week, or if your home does not get dirty quickly, you could even choose to have it cleaned once a month.


A home cleaning service provides many benefits to seniors. One benefit is it will help improve the air quality in the home if it is cleaned on a regular basis. Dust and debris settle on every surface over time. By getting rid of this dust and debris, seniors will be able to breathe easier in their home. This will positively affect their health overall. If they are not breathing in germs, they are more likely to stay healthy. A clean home is extremely important, especially for seniors.

By having a home cleaning service, seniors no longer have to spend all their time cleaning. This can free them up for other activities at home or in the community. Coming home to a clean home is relaxing and enjoyable; even more so when someone else has done the cleaning!

Moving around the home to clean can pose risks to seniors who have a difficult time getting around. By having a home cleaning service, seniors do not have to feel unsafe in their own home. They can rely on someone else to reach the places they cannot and to handle heavy equipment such as a vacuum.

Hiring a cleaning service provides peace of mind to the senior’s family. Their family does not have to worry about how their loved one is going to reach certain things in the home or clean things.

What to Expect

You can choose to provide your own cleaning products or ask if your cleaning company provides their own products and chemicals. Discuss ahead of time with the company what services you would like performed and how often.

Determine the frequency in which you would like your home cleaned. You can schedule a regular standing appointment.

You need to be prepared to walk around the home with the person who will be doing the cleaning services. This is a great opportunity to show them what you would like cleaned and if you have any special requests.

When to Consider Using a Cleaning Service

When house work becomes too difficult to manage on your own, let a home cleaning company do the dirty work for you. House work does not necessarily have to be a struggle for you to hire a home cleaning service; you can have someone clean your home so you don’t have to worry about it.

Seniors who are living alone should not have to struggle to keep their home clean. A home cleaning company can come in and perform as many or as little services as needed. When you cannot comfortably get around well enough to keep your home clean, this is a great time to consider this service.

If you have a senior loved one who is living in an assisted living home, take the burden of cleaning away from them by hiring someone to do it for them.

You may also choose to only hire a cleaning company for a certain amount of time. As long as you have not signed a contract with the company, you can have them stop coming for a period of time if you need them to.

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