House Cleaning for Seniors

Cleaning Services for Seniors

Many seniors want to be able to continue living at home, despite the difficulties that aging may present. For many, hiring a cleaning service helps them handle weekly chores, and brings peace of mind. Cleaning services for seniors have many benefits, and are worth considering.

Heavy lifting, uncomfortable positions when performing certain tasks and stress in joints can diminish a senior’s quality of life. In fact, accomplishing these physical tasks can be risky.

What are Cleaning Services for Seniors?

Cleaning services for seniors are professional services to keep a senior’s home clean. Many older people are unable to maintain physical co-ordinations that are needed in performing simple tasks such as cleaning. This has led to the development of companies that offer expert house cleaning services.

Cleaning services can help enhance home comfort for seniors while reducing the risk of injury, and they cover many different areas of cleaning:

  • Cleaning of bathroom and kitchen
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing of non-carpeted areas
  • Dusting baseboards, furniture, lampshades, pictures, window sills and light fixtures
  • Wiping the exterior of cupboards
  • Laundry and ironing clothes
  • Taking out trash
  • Making beds

These services allow the elderly to live comfortably in hygienic environments. This improves their quality of life without having to go to a nursing home.

Why Use Local Cleaning Services?

Using local cleaning services can save you some money. As a senior, you may be able to receive additional discounts to suit your pocket. When a cleaning service offers you a senior discount, you may be required to prove your age by showing ID. This is to ensure that people do not take advantage of the system.

Types of Cleaning Services

Some services, such as You’ve Got Maids allow you to get a quote online. So, the quote you receive may be adjusted to accommodate your senior status when the time comes to pay.

The Maids offers online booking, quotations and they even offer an $80 voucher to use towards their services when signing up.

Some service providers, like handy.com, offer a first-time discount. In this case, their first cleaning of three hours will cost you $39. It is important to note that different cleaning services have different costs.

At Nancy’s Cleaning Services, the average cost is $30 to $90 per hour, with a minimum cost of $60 for a studio apartment to $550 for a large house.

Cleaning service pricing depends on your location and what kind of services you require.

Benefits of Cleaning Services for Elders

The elderly may not want to go out of their homestead for an extended period of time and they may not be able to maintain a clean home, which calls for assistance. At first, you might be skeptical, but getting cleaning services will help.

Ensures Safety

Old age brings a lot of problems that may make it hard for seniors to do safe cleaning of their homes. Their muscles become weak and they start experiencing backaches along with other ailments. Contracting cleaning experts can reduce the risk of injury.

Healthy Living

The main reason for hiring cleaning services for seniors is to keep homes clean and healthy. The elderly can struggle with a lot of the cleaning positions such as reaching high places and bending over. A cleaner can do all of the cleaning for a senior.

Improved Social Life

Today’s busy society makes it difficult for most people to spend time with friends and family. One third of seniors suffer from loneliness, which can negatively affect their health.

Employing a cleaning professional gives seniors the time to make new friends since family cannot not be there every minute of everyday. You need to ensure that the people who come in are friendly and know how to deal with old people.

Maintain Air Quality

Some seniors suffer from respiratory problems that require frequent vacuuming and the use of non-toxic washing products. If this is your case, then you have to look for cleaning companies that use non-irritant products. They should also use HEPA-filter vacuums that ensure an allergy-free home.

When to Know You Need Help

Seniors desire to stay independent for as long as they can. Most seniors will not ask for help until you see the need yourself. This is because they do not want to be a burden to their loved ones.

The best thing to do is to monitor their progress keenly so that you can identify the best time to look into cleaning services. If the elderly person has trouble with things like dressing themselves, grooming, eating and walking, then a cleaning service may be needed.

Even if your loved one’s home is unusually untidy, then it might indicate the time to hire professional services. You can first ask them if they need help, but sometimes you might have to convince them when it is apparent they cannot perform daily tasks.

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