Save Space in Your Kitchen Cupboards by Using Pot Racks

Organizing Your Cookware

Pot racks are more than just handy and practical organizational accessories; they can also accentuate your kitchen décor and serve as stylish highlights. While the major benefit of pot racks is that they save you valuable cupboard and cabinet space for other, less frequently used items while helping you keep your cookware orderly, they are also available in a wide range of styles, designs and materials to help you add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Along with spice racks, they rank among the most commonly used organizational and decorative accessories for the kitchen.

Pot Rack Configurations and Designs

Generally speaking, pot racks come in three major configurations: free-standing, wall-mounted and ceiling pot racks.

If you have a large collection of pots and pans, or if you have the floor space to accommodate them, free-standing pot racks make an attractive addition to any kitchen. Typically, this style is made up of numerous shelves at varying heights, allowing you to keep your commonly used pots close at hand while providing ample storage space.

Wall-mounted pot racks offer hanging storage space for a smaller number of pots. These kitchen pot racks can be horizontal, vertical, or crisscross diagonally to maximize wall space, and you can get a wide range of stylish variations, including lighted pot racks, which offer supplemental kitchen lighting in addition to storage space.

Finally, ceiling or hanging pot racks offer yet another alternative if you have limited wall space, or if your kitchen walls are already filled up with decorations and other storage accessories. These are also excellent if your kitchens have low ceilings, allowing the pots to dangle within easy reach.

Pot Rack Materials

The three most common pot rack materials are stainless steel, wood and iron. Stainless steel and iron pot racks are durable and sturdy, though wood tend to be more decorative and aesthetically appealing, especially in older homes and homes with a more classical appeal. One advantage of metal pot racks, though, is that they can be selected to match your cookware; in its own right, wood can also be painted or stained in your choice of finishes so it matches your cupboards, tile, wallpaper and wall paint.

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