Get Organized and Get Decorating with These Shelving Ideas

Storage Shelves for Every Room

Adding shelving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost the amount of storage space inside your home. They can be used in any room for both practical and decorative purposes, and they're ideal for displaying family treasures, keeping commonly used items within easy reach, and getting rid of clutter on your countertops. Wood shelves add a touch of classic appeal and come in a full range of stains and colors, and metal ones are perfect for garages, workshops and homes that have a more modern style.

Shelving for Every Room

Here's a closer look at the many ways they can be used in the various rooms of your home to bust clutter:

  • Kitchen. The most common types for the kitchen are spice racks and food storage shelves, which can be mounted on walls, placed on counters or put inside cupboards and cabinets to keep things organized. Since kitchens are one of the most common sites of household clutter, shelving is an essential accessory if you want to keep things neater and tidier.
  • Bathroom. In many homes, bathroom shelving is used for both practical and aesthetic applications. If you have scented soaps, air fresheners or flowers on display in your bathroom, an elegant glass shelf with metal wall mounts can boost the visual appeal of your bathroom. You can also use shelves for frequently used cosmetics and toiletries, like toothpaste, perfumes and colognes, to keep your medicine cabinets, drawers and bathroom cupboards free for the storage of bulkier items.
  • Garage and workshop. Storage shelves are a handyman's best friend. Larger power tools can be stored on shelves for improved accessibility and safety, and you can also use them for storing boxes of nails, screws, washers, nuts and bolts in labeled boxes so they're always close at hand and easy to find.
  • Living room and bedroom. Typically, shelves in these rooms are primarily decorative and used for displaying treasures and keepsakes. For these rooms, choose ornamental wood shelves, metal shelves or glass shelves, depending on what works best with your other home furnishings and décor.
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