Maintain Your Vehicle’s Interior with the Right Auto Shampoo

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

Over time, it's inevitable that the carpeting in your vehicle's interior will suffer some wear. Settling dirt and dust, spills, accidents and even prolonged exposure to sunlight can all affect the appearance of your car's interior carpeting, and to restore it to the same brilliance it had when it was new, car shampoo is the way to go. Car interior shampoo is specially formulated to remove ground-in dirt, dust and stains, all while providing gentle, softening cleaning power that fluffs and softens vehicle carpeting.

Choosing the Right Car Interior Shampoo

Not all auto shampoos are made equal. Price can be a reliable indicator, but not always. It's easily possible to get a quality car shampoo without spending a fortune, and some of the products at high price points aren't all that effective.

One tried-and-true trick is to use products which are designed for use on your car's make. A quick perusal of the label will indicate which makes (and possibly models) the auto carpet shampoo is formulated for. Also, if you prefer car interior shampoos with gentle cleansers, you can also get products that make good use of citrus extracts and other natural ingredients. Shampoos made with harsh chemicals can actually have a counterproductive effect if used improperly.

Steps for Using Auto Carpet Shampoo

Here's a quick how-to guide for using car interior shampoo:

  1. Vacuum all carpets to remove loose debris and dirt.
  2. Remove all floor mats.
  3. Treat set-in or deep stains with a fabric stain remover first.
  4. Apply the auto carpet shampoo and work it in with a brush, or as directed on the bottle.
  5. Let the shampoo sit for the prescribed amount of time, as indicated on the bottle.
  6. Vacuum up the foam. You should notice your car's carpet is noticeably cleaner and softer-looking.
  7. Scrub and degrease your floor mats before putting them back in the car.

For best results, you should shampoo your interior carpets at least once a month. The more you do it, the less time dirt and stains have to set in, and the easier it will be to keep your car looking its best.

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