How to Select Quality Polish for Your Car and Use It Correctly

Tips for Car Enthusiasts

Over time, your car's exterior paint will start to lose its original shine and luster. It's inevitable, and it will happen no matter how careful you are about protecting it from the elements. To bring back its brilliance, you'll need to get a quality car polish and apply it correctly. But before you zoom off to your local auto care retailer to load up on auto polish, there is one crucial tip that experts stress: don't more than polish your car once or twice a year, because it actually removes a thin layer of paint from your vehicle's exterior. This is how your car's original showroom shine is restored — you're actually stripping away a worn layer of paint to reveal the fresh, intact paint below.

Car Care Polish Buyers' Guide

The best car polish is one which is formulated specifically for the age of your vehicle. This is because newer cars and trucks don't need to have as thick a layer of paint removed as older vehicles to restore their original shines. If you have a newer car and you use auto polish formulated for an older car, you'll strip away too much paint and risk causing damage that will be expensive to repair.

Also, it's best to err on the side of caution. Choose a mild car care polish that will not strip away the clear coat layer from your car unless an auto body professional has recommended a stronger product. You can also get custom car polish that's tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle from an automotive professional.

How to Apply Auto Polish

While you should always follow the exact instructions on the bottle of the car polish you've purchased, here are some general tips for applying car polish:

  • First, wash the car. Avoid direct sunlight while doing so, as this can cause streaks which can affect your polishing efforts.
  • Divide the car into small sections and polish only one section at a time.
  • Work the polish in using a circular motion.
  • Let the polish sit for the indicated amount of time.
  • Wipe the polish away with a clean cloth or chamois.
  • Move on to the next section.

When used properly, auto polish can extend the life of your paint and keep your vehicle looking new for years. It's an essential part of any complete car care repertoire.

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