Get a Deeper Clean for Your Carpet with One of These Steam Cleaner Brands

Allergens Be-Gone

Steam cleaners use powerful, eco-friendly technologies to generate highly effective deep-cleaning power with minimal or no use of chemicals, soaps or detergents. Many of the best-known steam cleaner brands are names you'll recognize from the world of vacuum cleaners, as steam cleaners are most often used on household and vehicle carpets. However, they have literally hundreds of other uses, from sterilizing tools and sanitizing mattresses to cleaning pet cages and refurbishing window frames. You can also get powerful full-sized steam cleaners, as well as portable models that aren't as powerful but offer much more in the way of versatility and convenience.

A Comparison of Carpet Steamer Brands

Some of the best-selling carpet steamer brands and models on the market include:

  • Hoover. While they are best-known for their line of vacuum cleaners, Hoover also makes popular carpet steamers. Two models worth considering are the economical Hoover SteamVac and the Hoover MaxExtract, which is a premium product. Hoover carpet steamers are well-reviewed for their affordability and cleaning power, but many carpet steamer reviews point out that they are heavy and cumbersome.
  • Dirt Devil. Positioned as an economical alternative to the more expensive brands, Dirt Devil steamers are, at the entry level, no-frills products that get the job done for a low price. The company also offers advanced models, like the Easy Steamer MCE7300, which still cost less than comparable products from Hoover and Bissell, drawing generally favorable but mediocre reviews for performance and durability.
  • Bissell. Bissell offers one of the most complete lines of full-size and portable carpet steam cleaners. The company offers models that are jam-packed with advanced features and precision controls, making them some of the best products on the market if you're willing to spend a little extra money for a durable, effective steam cleaner.
  • Steamboy. If you are looking for a product that can steam-clean hard, non-carpeted surfaces, the Steamboy steam mop provides effective cleaning power for a low price. It's worth mentioning in this context because steam cleaning technologies are also extremely effective on surfaces like tile, laminate and hardwood flooring.

Recommended Carpet Steamer Brands

  • Best economy carpet steamer: Dirt Devil MCE7450 Vision Easy Steamer
  • Best premium carpet steamer: Bissell Proheat Carpet Steamer

A Comparison of the Best Steam Cleaners

Some of the top steam cleaner brands include:

  • Shark steam cleaners. Shark offers one of the most comprehensive and reliable ranges of products in the steam cleaner market. From the powerful Steam Blaster and the versatile Vac-Then-Steam to its well-reviewed Pocket SteamSystem and portable steam cleaners, Shark gets consistently high ratings across the board, in categories from durability and reliability to cleaning power and ease of maintenance.
  • Bissell steam cleaners. The Bissell brand's flagship product is the ProHeat series, and consumer reviews are mixed. While the ProHeat steam cleaners seem to do a good job of caring for newer carpets and rugs, they don't tend to score well for their ability to refurbish old carpets or get rid of set-in stains. Either way, the mixed reviews may scare you off, but the company has been around a long time and is known for producing quality products at an affordable price.
  • Eureka steam cleaners. The Eureka Enviro Steamer is excellent for cleaning hard surfaces, like laminate or tile flooring, but it doesn't vacuum and it has very limited options in terms of compatible detergents. It does score high points for durability and ease of use, though, so if you need a steam cleaner for non-carpeted flooring, this is an economical option.
  • Hoover steam cleaners. Hoover built its name in the world of vacuums, and the company's steam cleaners are mainly intended for use on upholstery, carpets and rugs. While Hoover steam cleaners do have sizeable storage tanks, excellent suction power and easy handling, their parts are tricky to clean.

Recommended Steam Cleaner Brands

  • Best portable steam cleaner: Shark Pocket SteamSystem
  • Best full-size steam cleaner: Shark Steam Blaster
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