Breathe Easy: These are Some of the Best Air Purifier Brands on the Market

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Indoor air pollution is a major problem in millions of homes. Over time, exposure to low-quality indoor air can lead to a whole host of health problems, including everything from worsened allergy and asthma symptoms to chronic respiratory illnesses. Air cleaners are one of your most powerful defenses against indoor air pollution, but which of the air purifier brands on the market offers the best product for the best price? Before you buy an air cleaner, do your research to learn which appliance will do the best job of cleaning your air for a price you can afford.

A Comparison of Air Purifier Brands

Some of the most prominent air purifier brands you'll encounter include:

  • Oreck air purifiers. While Oreck has gained some notoriety for its savvy advertising, many consumer reviews of their air purifiers are not flattering. Some tests showed that they failed to remove the majority of air particles that passed through their filters, and it's likely that you can get better value for your money by choosing a different brand.
  • Hunter air purifiers. Hunter offers HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) purifiers that offer convenient features such as programmability and low noise levels. They are very adept for use in small rooms and indoor spaces, but most models at the lower end of the pricing range do not perform well in large rooms.
  • Honeywell air purifiers. The Honeywell Enviraciare 50250-N is one of the company's most versatile and popular products. It gets high marks for the effectiveness of its true HEPA air filter, which comes with a lifetime warranty, but critics are quick to point out that it's fairly noisy. Overall, though, it is a solid performer with excellent versatility.
  • GE air purifiers. GE's HEPA air purifiers are solid all-around performers that do a very good job of removing pollutants from indoor air. However, the knock against many GE air purifiers is that they make a lot of noise when they're operational.
  • IQAir air purifiers. A relative newcomer to the air purifier scene, IQAir offers a comprehensive range of products at all price points, and their air cleaners score high points with consumers for value, durability, effectiveness and ease of use.

Cutting corners when it comes to air cleaners is not a good idea. There's no sense in purchasing an air purifier that doesn't do a good job of purifying your air if you could have gotten a much better model for a few dollars more.

Recommended Air Cleaners

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