How to Hire Professional Cleaners for Your Home and Office Windows

Let a Professional Do the Job

Clear, sparkling windows will greatly enhance the appearance of any building, especially on a bright, sunny day. Professionals recommend that outdoor window washing be performed every two months and indoor washing every six months. Getting regular window cleaning service can also save energy, allowing for more outside light to get into the building, thus reducing some of the costs associated with indoor lighting.

A thick build-up of dirt can cause hard water stains that won't come off without special window washing cleaning tools and treatments. Dust can build up on windows and harden in the sun. Eventually, windows become permanently misty as the hardened dust will not come off, which causes the glass to lose smoothness. The window may even need replacement.

A window cleaning company can also provide construction clean-up on new windows. Window washers emphasize the importance of hiring professionals for this job. Removal of caulk, putty and stickers requires a careful hand and specialized knowledge; otherwise, new windows can be damaged or even ruined completely.

Residential Window Cleaning

A professional window cleaning business has the equipment and expertise to clean windows, tracks, and frames quickly and thoroughly. Some window washing services use only gently pressurized water, applied with a soft brush, instead of soap and harsh chemicals. Most use brushes or wipers on extension poles, avoiding heavy ladders which could trample lawns, flower beds and shrubbery. Window cleaners can also treat stains and wash or repair screens.

Be sure the window cleaning business is licensed, bonded and insured. Most use shoe covers and padded ladders outdoors and lint-free cloths and drop cloths indoors. Also, confirm that the company's equipment and chemicals will not damage tinted windows, if you need tinted windows cleaned.

Prices are either per window or based on the size of the home and the total number of windows. The cleaning of frames and runners, as well as the removing and replacing of objects on sills, should be included in the cost. Screen care and stain removal normally cost extra.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning includes everything from simple washing with soap and water to special treatments like construction clean-up and stain removal. Most companies also vacuum and wash frames. Many commercial window cleaning companies "do it all," from bungalows to high-rise buildings. Others specialize in commercial structures of specified sizes or styles. In regards to high rises, a window cleaning business can quickly assess which type of aerial lift system is best for the building. Aerial systems include rope descents and suspended scaffolds.

Commercial window washers will generally provide a written bid or estimate. A cheap bid may mean a bad job. To make up for the low cost of labor, the window washing company may skimp on service. However, a well-established company may charge less because, having more experience, they work smarter and more quickly.

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