What Are Your Options for Portable Toilet Rentals?

An Important Consideration for Any Event

Portable toilets are often the best option for providing sanitary facilities at events or temporary job sites. Reputable porta potty service providers will offer clean, well-designed units.

Outdoor settings make popular venues for concerts and special events, but keeping participants on site can be difficult without adequate toilet facilities. Portable restrooms are more than a courtesy; they're smart business. If participants cannot remain for the full run of the activity due to lack of facilities, they are not going to hear the message, buy the product or have as good a time as they otherwise might have. At job sites, workers can spend more time on the job when sanitary washroom facilities are close at hand.

Portable Toilet Options

Modern portable toilets come in a range of configurations with optional accessories. While the basic toilet-seat-on-a-holding-tank design is always available, units that function more like the washroom in your home are also offered by today's manufacturers.

Better plastics and superior design have improved the durability of portable toilets. Blow molding the polyethylene used in the construction of the units reduces the number of seams where stress failure can occur. Fewer seams and smoother surfaces allow for more complete cleaning and disinfecting using pressure washers in tandem with specialized cleaning products. Better door springs improve resistance to wind damage. Runners, floors and carrying handles are designed for more efficient anchoring and moving of the unit, reducing damage during transportation. Durable plastics are also more resistant to vandalism.

Other options include water systems to supply both flushing and hand-washing functions. These may be foot pump-operated to reassure users that the unit is safe and sanitary. Available accessories include translucent roofs, a range of color options, urinals, stainless steel mirrors, personal effects shelves, occupancy indicators, gender markers, towel dispensers and deodorizers. Air conditioning is even available in high-end portable toilets.

Units accessible to the handicapped are produced, including large portable toilets which are fully compliant with ADA regulations for wheelchair turnaround room. These large units can also be fitted with multiple urinal stations. Multi-unit portable restrooms on trailers are also an option, as are simple tanks with a seat. These are a popular option on camping trips.

Portable Toilet Rentals

If you have intermittent needs, portable toilet rentals are the most economical option. Monthly rentals of basic units, with cleaning service included, may be as low as $100. This is a reasonable option for construction sites. On the other hand, single day use delivery of high-end units can cost $500 to $1,500 a day.

Portable Toilet Sales

Those with ongoing needs for sanitary facilities may opt to purchase portable toilets rather than rent them. Portable toilet sales start at around $800 for basic units. However, these units will also need bathroom cleaners, which can be hired on contract. Purchasing a flushing unit truck isn't a viable option for most business owners, given that these vehicles start at about $80,000.

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