Find Exactly What You’re Looking for with a Media Storage Rack

Keep Your CDs, Blu-rays and Video Games Organized.

If you have a lot of compact discs, DVDs or video games, you know how frustrating it can be to have to hunt through your collection for a particular title. Avoid frustration and keep your home cleaner and more organized by using a media storage rack or cabinet to house your music, movie, TV show and game collection; a small investment in a media rack will also help protect the investment you've made in your holdings, as you won't risk losing discs or games in tall, unorganized piles.

Media Storage Racks: An Overview

A simple CD rack or DVD rack is an economical option. These are typically free-standing units with slots for individual discs, which you can keep by your stereo or television for easy access. However, if you have a particularly large collection, a simple CD storage rack or DVD storage rack may not provide enough space.

In such a case, you can also get media storage cabinets which offer a much higher volume of interior space for your CDs, DVDs and games; typically, these are made of wood and are available in a full range of colors and wood stains. While these furnishings are more expensive than simple racks, they offer an attractive and practical way to fill in available floor space in your living room or media room.

Media Organization Ideas

The manner in which you organize your collection is up to you and will depend on which titles in your collection you use most, but here are some ideas:

  • Sort alphabetically. Uniform collections (of compact discs, or DVDs) are easily arranged in alphabetical order. That way, if you're looking for a particular title, it will always be at your fingertips. For compact discs, you can organize alphabetically by artist, the chronologically by the album's release date or another variation that you prefer.
  • Sort by genre. Large collections of movies can also be sorted generically; put your comedies in one place, your thrillers and classics in another, and so on. That way, when you feel like watching a certain type of movie, you can browse all your available titles quickly and easily.
  • Sort by type. Storage cabinets typically have several shelves or compartments, and you can dedicate each to a particular type of media; put your DVDs in one shelf and your video games in another. That way, everything has a place—and assigning everything a proper place is a cardinal rule of good home organization.
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