In Need of Fresh Air? Try Cleaning Out Your HVAC System

HVAC Service Isn't Always Necessary

Paying for professional HVAC service has become popular in recent years. But do you need to hire a professional to come perform HVAC cleaning?

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A professional HVAC service will use an assortment of industrial cleaning tools such as blowers and vacuums to clean out the pipes and mechanisms of your HVAC system, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

Many residences and professional premises use extensive networks of pipes and vents to regulate temperature and air quality. Therefore, it’s logical that a regular cleaning schedule would be beneficial.

However, you don’t need a regular HVAC cleaning at all. There are circumstances when hiring a HVAC cleaning service is beneficial, but in general, you don’t need to schedule one.

So, when should you get the professionals in?

After Renovations

If you’ve recently had work done on your home or business, then there is a chance that dirt, dust, or chemical residue can make it into the pipework. In this case a professional HVAC service is the best way forward, especially if your duct work is extensive.

A proper renovation team should seal off any ducts or vents before starting work to avoid contamination. But sometimes covers fall off, or one hidden vents gets missed, which may potentially contaminate the whole network.


Rats, mice, or insects can all find your duct system a very inviting place to set up camp. After all, it’s warm and offers easy access across your property. If you suspect that there are critters lurking in the pipes, then a thorough clean out should solve the problem. An HVAC cleaning team will be able to clean up any detritus left behind such as dead insects, faeces, or other rotting organic matter.

You might also need to hire a pest control team for the wider issue of eliminating the pests in your home or workplace.


When bad smells or bits of debris start coming out of the vents and ducts, then you might have some kind of contaminant that needs to be cleaned. Although this can relate to the first couple of points, it can also signify other issues such as mold or foreign objects making their way in.

Sometimes, high winds or water damage can cause your HVAC system o become clogged up with organic matter. Homes with pets might also have a build up of animal hair in their ductwork which can create bad odors, or encourage a build up of dust and dirt.

Professional Kitchens

Daily cooking grime clings to the inside of ventilation systems quickly. Professional kitchens would benefit from a good clean to remove grime as the smell of old cooking fat can permeate into the dining area. Plus, the smell of rancid cooking oil can really sour a dining experience!

Furnace Cleaning

Fireplaces and furnaces can become clogged up with carbon residue over time. If the chimney is blocked, it can cause inefficient ventilation, and even a buildup of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, which can be deadly.

Furnace cleaning with a professional HVAC service means you’ll be able to clear out a carbon build up and enjoy your hearth safely.

A professional HVAC service team can also do new furnace installations, and help install the ventilation pipework and the fireplace for your home or business.

Tips for Hiring HVAC Cleaners

Although having clean duct work helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, there is no proof that cleaning out the pipes will make your home more healthy. Unless there is mold or other contaminants, you shouldn’t need to do a regular clean.

If your HVAC team insists that you need to schedule a regular clean, or uses scare tactics to get you to sign up for their service, then walk away.

Check references and feedback of the company you’re looking at hiring, and look at their certifications. Your HVAC service should always be certified, so check their credentials.

If you’re contacted by a company offering an amazing air duct cleaning deal, it is probably too good to be true. Many are aware of telemarketing scams by unscrupulous air duct companies who offer fantastic deals. But once in your home they start to add extras such as call out charges, extra chemical fees, or costly pre-washes.

A good HVAC cleaning team should be able to provide an estimate for the full job before starting any work.

Professional HVAC cleaning should not use sealants, chemical sprays, or even water. As the pipework provides air and heat to the premises, the use of chemicals might cause health issues to residents. Check with your team about what process they use to clean pipes, ducts, and air conditioning vents before having any work done.

The process should include blowers, vacuums, and multiple workers, rather than one person with an assortment of chemicals. HVAC service of a typical family home should take between 2—4 hours, so if a company says it will take longer, be wary.

Of course, for bigger jobs in offices or industrial premises, it will take longer and require more people.

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