Avoid Great Expenses and Health Issues by Checking Your Home for Mold

Toxic Mold Is a Serious Problem

Everyone is familiar with mold. We've all seen it outside and on spoiled food, but most people don't realize what a significant problem it can be. However, mold in a house can become a very serious issue. It can destroy drywall, lower home values, trigger allergies and even cause sicknesses. That's why toxic mold testing is so important, and it's also the reason so many people purchase home mold testing kits. A quick mold test, or one performed as part of a comprehensive air quality test, can save a lot of trouble and expense.

Dangers of Toxic Mold

Toxic mold comes in many forms, and while it is generally rare, it can be responsible for many minor illnesses. Unexplained headaches, sneezing and minor allergies are common signs of toxic mold, and anyone suffering such symptoms should consider doing a toxic mold test. More serious cases involving high levels of mold can cause severe respiratory sickness, asthma and even death. Houses which have recently been flooded or have had roof or pipe leaks are more likely to have mold, and a close examination should be conducted.

Signs of Mold in the Home

While home testing is important in tracking down major sources of mold, it isn't necessary to get a mold test kit to find deposits. Obviously, many mold buildups can simply be seen. Unusual discolorations in drywall are also a sign of mold in the house. Examining cracked or peeling paint, as well as points at which water has dripped into the drywall or wooden floorboards, is also a good way to find mold. It may be necessary to look for mold by cutting into the drywall or removing some of the paint; however, this should be done by a professional who has the necessary tools. Without the proper tools, such examinations may cause damage to the house.

Mold Testing Kits

Home testing of mold is easy with the help of a simple take-home kit. These kits test the air for mold spores, which are emitted by the mold and cause many mold-related problems. Various forms of the basic toxic mold test can be purchased at any home improvement center, and allow a homeowner to find out if they need professional mold removal. Testing toxic mold is a simple and inexpensive process, and it can mean a lot in terms of preserving the value of a house and the health of its occupants.

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