Learn How to Attain Crystal Clear Windows with These Cleaning Tips

Solutions for Clean Windows

Windows are an integral aspect of your home. They let in fresh air and natural light, and they can also function as important features in room design. As such, it is important to account for your windows as part of your house cleaning routine.

Keep in mind that window cleaning doesn't just refer to polishing the glass; drapes should be washed or steam cleaned at least once a year, blinds should be dusted periodically and window sills should also be addressed.

Window Cleaning Products

There are many products available on the market for cleaning windows. You might have to experiment a bit before you find one that works well for you. If you would like to make your own window cleaning solution, mix one cup of vinegar in half a gallon of warm water. Put the solution in a spray bottle, and use it like you would with any other window cleaning product.

A window cleaning supply doesn't have to consist of very many tools. A window cleaning product or solution, a roll of paper towels, a sponge or cloth for wiping down sills and maybe a squeegee if you prefer. If you are doing the exterior windows, you may also need a water hose or pressure washer.

Window Cleaning Tips

There are a few techniques that may make cleaning windows just a little bit easier. First, for a thorough cleaning, fill a bucket with warm water and half a cup of ammonia. Use a sponge to scrub the windows with this solution, then let it sit while you rinse out the bucket and refill it with warm water. Rinse the windows well, and remove excess dirt from the window sills. This works for both inside and outside windows. The ammonia helps to remove any film that may be covering your glass, such as nicotine or smog residue.

Next, spray the window with a streak-free window cleaning product, and immediately wipe it dry with a cloth first, followed quickly by a paper towel. Drying the window quickly and completely is the key to a streak-free finish. Follow these steps and you are sure to have the best looking windows on the block.

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