Avoid Costly Repairs by Regularly Cleaning Your Roof

Increase the Longevity of Your Shingles

Much more than dirt builds up on your roof. Over time, dangerous deposits of green and black algae can collect on roof surfaces, which can help mold and fungi thrive. This puts your home at risk of suffering structural damage, which is why regular roof cleaning is a necessity. Not only does it help enhance the curb appeal of your home, it also helps you avoid costly remediation and repairs that could run into the thousands of dollars.

If your home has asphalt shingles, roof cleaning is particularly important. Asphalt has a granule base that contains remnants of organic matter, and the microbes that live on roofs use these organics as food sources. Shingle cleaning is the best defense against these parasites.

Roof Cleaning Products and Equipment

Cleaning roof shingles properly is an involved task that will require a number of specialized products and pieces of equipment. First and foremost, you will need a uniquely formulated shingle cleaning solution, which is available through online retailers as well as your local home improvement store. You will also need a storage tank to house the solution, and a pump to get it from the tank to your rooftop.

You can also use HVLP, or "high volume, low pressure" roof cleaning systems. These are much easier for the average homeowner to deal with, combining a pressure washer with cleansing chemicals. However, the results are not instantaneous, taking a period of months to take full effect, since they're cleaning your roof by starving away algae, mold and mildew deposits.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Given the labor intensity of the job, many homeowners prefer to hire roof cleaning professionals. A professional roof cleaning service should offer a consultation, during which they will make a manual inspection of your roof, diagnose any problems, and propose uniquely tailored solutions. As always, check into the work history of any roof cleaning company you're considering and do your due diligence—you don't want to trust this important job to someone who can't be trusted to meet the challenge.

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