BBQ Cleaning Tips to Tackle Grease and Burnt-On Food

How to Clean a BBQ Grill

Summer’s back and you want to test your barbecue talents again. The trouble is, you packed it away last season and it really needs a good cleaning. With some of last season’s cooking still clinging to the inner drum and an additional layer of dust, you may be a bit stumped. It looks like a massive job that could take all day. Cheer up! It’s easier than you think. With these simple tips, you will know how to clean a BBQ grill in no time.

Need a Quick Clean? Try Steam

Steam cleaning your gas BBQ is an efficient method to remove grease and grime to get the grill ready. First, fire up your grill to get a good heat going. Then, place pre-soaked newspapers in water on the grill.

Next, close the lid and let the steam work its magic for 30 minutes. When the time is up, return to the BBQ, lift the lid and all the fat and excess grime should have loosened. Now, it will be much easier to wipe the grill down with a dry newspaper or a strong fabric cloth.

After this, you will be able to clean the inside with warm soapy water, but only after the BBQ has cooled completely. Now, you are ready for your next summer party.

Place Hotplates in the Dishwasher

If your gas BBQ equipment is small enough, the hot plates should fit in a standard dishwasher. Cleaning these tough items in the dishwasher will take a lot less time and it will take pressure off of you, not to mention the effort needed to get rid of grime buildup.

Use the hottest cycle available for best results, and give them a good wipe down while still warm. If they are still not as clean as you would like, a little extra manual labor is required. Always wait for the hot plates to cool down before attempting to remove these and place them in the dishwasher.

What Cleaning Products Should You Use for Your BBQ Grill?

Purchase a good degreasing product from your local store to get rid of stubborn grime. Always have these handy to use with warm water and a sponge to rub down the worst parts in the gas BBQ equipment.

You can use typical oven cleaner. Spray it on the inside and allow it to rest for several hours. If you have covered the dirty parts well with the oven cleaner and leave them to rest for one hour, it should be easy to wipe down. Once that is done, you can use warm, soapy water to complete your disinfection routine.

Natural Onion and Vinegar Cleaning Methods

Plenty of people like to use natural products to clean their BBQ. Peel an onion, attach it to the end of a long fork, and wipe it over the grill while still hot. Onions are great for removing burnt foods from the grill, and the moisture from this vegetable helps to steam loose charred food bits stuck to the grill.

Vinegar is an astringent that works against grease coating your BBQ grill. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use at least 1 pint of the mix to cover the stuck-on food.

Spray this mixture over the inner grill while still hot and leave it to do its magic for 15 minutes. Then, wipe down with paper hand towels to remove the worst grease while still warm. Once the BBQ has cooled enough, you can use soap and water to remove the last grease smears.
<3>How to Clean the Base

Only remove coals and ash once these have cooled. Also, always replace this old product with new coals before starting a new BBQ. Use a scraper and pan to lift out as much as you can for safe disposal.

If the equipment is light enough, try turning it on its side and brush out the remainder of the coals and ashes before cleaning. Never try to remove ashes and coal while these are still hot.

Wait at least 24 hours before attempting this as the remaining coals can stay hot long after your BBQ is over. Once all the excess has been removed, use warm soapy water and a cloth to clean the base.

Basic Tips for Cleaning Your BBQ Grill

Wait until your BBQ has cooled enough to remove hot plates for deep cleaning in the dishwasher. If you have opted for a steam clean, then your BBQ will need to be hot for this method to work well.

Steam clean the BBQ while hot to remove the worst grime with dry newspaper. Only once the fats and pieces of meat have been removed, you should wait for the BBQ to cool. Then, you can use vinegar spray to remove more fat, followed by a wipe down with warm soapy water.

The steps you take to clean your grill will depend on the cleaning methods used. If you choose the store-bought oven cleaning product, follow the instructions on the spray can.

Typically, you will need to heat the BBQ and wait for it to cool a little before spraying an oven cleaning product onto it. Always get rid of the grease before moving on to cleaning with soapy water. You can also use beer or hot water to pour over dirty parts to release the stuck bits while the BBQ is warm. Then, use a wire brush or foil to rub off the burnt bits.

Follow up with cleaning the inside and outside with warm soapy water for a great sparkle once everything is cool enough to touch.

Get Rid of Grease Properly

After you have scraped off the grease, dispose of the newspaper and excess fat properly before throwing these in the dirt bin. Wrap this up well in clean newspapers, pack it all in a paper or plastic bag and dispose of it in the bin.

Now You’re Ready to Barbecue!

Heat up the grill for up to 20 minutes before reusing it. This is an important step because it will get rid of the smell, taste and presence of any cleaning products used. The heat burns off any remaining chemicals so you can enjoy another delicious meal without spoiling the taste.

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