What to Think About When Purchasing a Commercial Washing Machine

It's a Big Investment

Commercial laundry equipment can run into the thousands of dollars. Just one commercial washing machine, which holds a 30-pound load of clothes, could be as much as $9,000! The smaller washers that are about the same size as a normal home washer usually run about $1,000 or so. Not to mention you're also going to have to purchase dryers when setting up a laundromat business.

Even though industrial laundry equipment may be expensive, it is built to withstand a lot of washing. With regular maintenance, these commercial washers can last many years, so making your money back quickly shouldn't be a problem. Offering a wash-dry-fold laundry service will also help to generate a lot of income in a much faster manner.

Coin-Operated Washers

Keep in mind when choosing a coin-operated washer that steel drums are best. There are a few reasons to choose steel drums. One reason is that germs can't survive, which is a bonus when you're running a public laundromat. Another reason a steel drum is a good idea is to eliminate the risk of rust developing in your washers.

Most coin-operated machines have now gone digital. These machines have a feature that allows you to easily raise or lower the cost to use the machine, so you can choose how much you would like to charge for the use of your machine. You will need to keep track of your electric and water costs in order to figure out how much you will need to charge to make a decent profit. A coin laundromat doesn't have a huge overhead cost, so it can be a fairly profitable business.

Benefits of Commercial Washers

Commercial laundry machines have the ability to wash larger loads, and generally outperform normal household washers. For instance, most household washers aren't capable of washing large rugs or comforters, but commercial washing machines are built to handle larger loads or objects.

Before you buy any commercial laundry equipment, always do some research on several brands and prices. You may also ask other laundromat owners for some advice. You are making an investment – one that will have a profound effect on your business and its profitability – so take your time and choose wisely.

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